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The Public Works Operations Division is a maintenance organization responsible for roads, bridges, traffic signals, street lights, storm drain systems, and flood control facilities in the unincorporated County and contract cities.

ADA - Ramp Compliance

Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for ramps and handrails.

Bee Inspection

The primary goal of the Bee Inspector is to track migration of the bees and to move unwanted nests. The Bee Inspector is active during...

Material Testing

We test asphalt and materials used for construction on SL County projects to ensure that the best quality is maintained.

Pavement Management

Pavement management is a process of implementing a 3 to 5 year maintenance plan for the roads in unincorporated Salt Lake County. This data...

Road Construction

The construction and pipe crew is responsible for A.D.A. ramps and waterways, drainage systems and installation of curb, gutter, waterways...

School Flashers

Salt Lake County Public Works - Operations is responsible for installation and maintenence of school flashers.

Snow and Ice Control

Snow removal information.

Street Lighting

Our skilled electricians install and maintain street lights in Salt Lake County as well as in several contract Cities. Utah Power and Light also...

Street Maintenence

Operations' crews monitor the roadways in unincorporated SL County and for contract cities repairing and maintaining right of way for...

Street Signs and Striping

Street sign and striping crews provide traffic control around Salt Lake County. Our crews perform annual maintenance on the roadways and signs.

Traffic Studies

Traffic studies are needed to monitor the flow of traffic on particular streets and are used for signal and stop warrants and planning purposes. The information...

Weed Control

The primary goal of the Weed Control program is to provide prevention, suppression, and total eradication of weeds in the County right-of-way, canal...