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Salt Lake Valley Landfill operates on the financial principle of enterprise fund, and are supported by gate fees, rather than by tax funds.

Services include;

  • Household hazardous waste collection facility
  • Recycling and recycling information office
  • Landfill (solid waste facility)

Salt Lake Valley Landfill

Compost Sales

Compost is available all year long (while supplies last) and is recommended for mixing directly into the soil (suggested ratio is three parts soil to...

Household Hazardous Waste

Oil, antifreeze, paint and other harmful chemicals should not be disposed of in trash cans, sink drains, storm drains, or landfills. If these chemicals...

Landfill and Transfer Station

Hours and location for landfill and transfer station

Solid Waste Management Fees

Fee Schedule for waste disposal at the Salt Lake County Landfill.


Resource for Salt Lake County residents about basic recycling information.