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Elected Officials

Elected Officials


In Utah, the duties and functions of county recorders are set forth in Utah statute. (U.C.A Title 17,Chapter 21)

Those functions are to:

  • Be the custodian of all recorded documents and records.
  • Protect all recorded documents and records in the recorder’s custody.
  • Make and furnish certified copies of any of the records in the office to interested parties.
  • Keep an entry record of the names of the parties to a recorded instrument, its date, the hour, the day of the month and the year of recording, a brief description, and assign it an entry number.
  • Keep an alphabetical and reverse grantor’s index.
  • Keep an alphabetical and reverse grantee’s index.
  • Keep an alphabetical and reverse mortgagor’s index.
  • Keep an alphabetical and reverse mortgagee’s index.
  • Keep a tract index showing a true chain of title to each tract or parcel, together with their encumbrances.
  • Keep an index of recorded maps, plats, and subdivisions.
  • Keep a miscellaneous index.
  • Keep an index of judgments.
  • Keep a general recording index.
  • Keep a record of all military discharges that are presented to the recorder.
  • Prepare and keep ownership plats drawn to a convenient scale, which show the record of each tract of land in the county, together with the dimensions of the tract.
  • Each year, prepare copies of ownership plats and descriptions, showing recorded owners at noon on January 1, and transmit the copies to the county assessor.
  • Report all changes in recorded ownership of real property to the county assessor.
  • Provide certified copies of recorded documents.

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