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Volunteer Services


“A Little Time Can Do A Lot”

The Office of Volunteer Program Services supports over 100 Volunteer Programs within Salt Lake County government.  These Programs work with over 33,000 citizen volunteers who donate over 1 million hours of services annually.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Delivering meals to the elderly
  • Sprucing-up trails
  • Coaching youth
  • Teaching computer classes
  • Tutoring/mentoring children
  • Securing housing for the homeless
  • Serving on advisory committees.

For current volunteer opportunities (for both private citizens and County employees) or program support, call 801-468-3044 or visit the Office of Volunteer Program Services website at

Office of Volunteer Program Services web page


Sheryl Ivey

385 468-7093/email

2001 South State Street N4300
Salt Lake City,Utah 84114

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