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Blueprint Jordan River

Blueprint Jordan River document (7 MB PDF)

The Blueprint Jordan River visioning process was completed in December of 2008. Close to 3,000 residents and stakeholder participated in drafting a public vision for the river.

photoThis vision is intended to capture the collective imagination of residents and to build an appreciation for the important environmental, social, and economic role the river has played and can play in our region.

The results of this Blueprint conveys the “Big Ideas” that are possible and lays out a framework for how those may be implemented over the coming decades. The Blueprint report is available here:

A critical component to the success of the Blueprint is the long-term implementation of this vision among the various local governments and State agencies that oversee its stewardship. The Blueprint report recommends the formation of a “planning entity” to ensure river-wide implementation of its vision in a cohesive and consistent fashion.

Salt Lake County with the assistance of Envision Utah is in the process of forming an interim planning committee to address these implementation issues. This interim committee, consisting of local government and state representatives and community groups will explore the creation of a “planning entity” and its potential funding sources. We will post the meeting dates and locations when they are scheduled. We anticipate monthly meetings throughout 2009. Let’s work together to make this visionary Blueprint a reality.

Interim Committee meeting discussions will include:

  • The pros and cons of various forms of governing structures: non-profit vs. authority vs. commission, etc.
  • The most beneficial structure for this entity.
  • The responsibilities and goals of this entity.
  • Possible funding options to support this entities creation and continued subsistence.
  • The creation of this entity through legislative action.
  • Public and private support opportunities.

Please contact Gabe Epperson, Planning Director for Envision Utah at 801-303-1453 or if you have any questions.