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Salt Lake County Animal Services Pit Crew

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YOU to LOVE them.
YOU to TRAIN them.
YOU to PROTECT them.
Be a responsible dog owner.  It’s all up to YOU .

The Salt Lake County Pit Crew was founded on the premise that a good dog is reflection of a good owner and that promoting responsible dog ownership is the right path to a safe and humane community.

The mission of the SL County Pit Crew is to promote responsible ownership and provide a proactive solution for the large population of Pit Bull type dogs in our community. Through humane education and low-cost resources, our program challenges breed discrimination and encourages responsible ownership for all breeds.


In the Spring of 2009, Salt Lake County Animal Services (SLCoAS) developed a program to begin addressing the high numbers of pit bull type dogs entering and being euthanized in the shelter. Pit Crew Logo

Pit Bull type dogs are quite popular in the community and it is no great surprise that they make up a significant number of shelter residents.  However, these dogs face many misconceptions and stigma in our community, making it harder for those lost and abandoned dogs to find new, loving, and stable homes. In order to change perceptions, increase responsible ownership, and help many more of these wonderful family pets find loving, permanent homes, this program was developed.

There are several key components that make this program unique and successful including:

  • a free spay and neuter program for Pit Bull type dogs in Salt Lake County Animal Services' jurisdictions,
  • a reliable and experienced foster parent network,
  • special adoption and other events,
  • and of course, our dedicated volunteers.

Through outreach programs, breed education, and positive media coverage of sponsored events, we hope to transform the image of the Pit Bull type dogs in our community. Our Fosters and Ambassador dogs will help promote responsible ownership and be a positive presence in the community.

The program was made possible through generous donations from the community, American Dog Rescue and a grant from Animal Farm Foundation. Additional funding was also provided through SLCoAS 501c3 affiliate, Utah FACES whose “sponsor a kennel” program and other fundraising events have been a significant source of support for all lost and abandoned pets at the shelter.

This unique program earned the attention of the staff of Best Friends Society and the Saving America’s Dog National Campaign team.  What followed was a great partnership with Best Friends supporting the program through media and additional events and ultimately increasing the visibility and reach of the program. The program was officially launched in July of 2009 and with the support and donations from the community we have seen remarkable progress in a very short time. 

Dog Live Release Rates - Pit/Non Pit Breakdown
Through 04/30/2014
Year Pit/Pit Mix Non Pit Dogs % Increase/Decrease Pit Live Release Rate from 2008
2008 58.9% 88.9% N/A
2009 59.7% 85.7% 0.8%
2010 70.3% 91.8% 11.4%
2011 66.9% 90.4% 8.0%
2012 79.4% 95.1% 20.5%
2013 89.7% 97.0% 30.8%
2014 YTD 90.4% 97.0% 31.5%

If you'd like to join the SL County Pit Crew and be a part of this exciting movement, please email

The reward of being a volunteer is great and the difference we make in each animal's life is tremendous

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511 West 3900 South
SLC, UT 84123